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Our leadership team is composed of tenured, committed professionals who bring deep expertise in customer experience, product innovation, manufacturing practices, and market insights.

Wayne Gourlay
Pete Boleneus
Paul Chapple
Chris DeBella
Michael Discenna

Wayne Gourlay


18 years with Custom Brands Group

30+ years industry experience

Wayne started his career in the window coverings industry with direct selling, then becoming a product manager. Following the start up of a fabrication company, he and other partners founded Flexo Solutions Manufacturing. Shortly after Hunter Douglas acquired Flexo in 2006, Wayne joined Custom Brands Group, bringing his industry knowledge, passion for product and innovation, and leadership to our organization.

TriLight Shades

Favorite Product: TriLight Shades

Favorite Feature: Flexible Light Control

Pete Boleneus

General Manager, CBG McKinney, TX

35+ years industry experience

Pete started his career with Hunter Douglas in 1985 and worked in Sales, Plant Management, and General Management. In 1997, he co-founded Timber Blinds, which he eventually sold to Hunter Douglas in 2003. After 36 years in the industry and his association with Hunter Douglas, Pete’s passions are for window coverings, manufacturing excellence, and helping others succeed and reach their potential.

Honeycomb Shades

Favorite Product: Honeycomb Shades

Favorite Feature: Energy Efficiency and Style Combined

Paul Chapple

President, CBG Canada

13 years industry experience

Paul started his career in sales. He then began focusing on building companies, including two successful start-ups and rebuilding another struggling company. Paul started his window coverings career in 2008 as the General Manager of Turnils Canada and was promoted to the position of President of Shade-O-Matic in 2015. Based on his unique experience within the industry, Paul currently manages both of these amazing companies in Canada.

Eclipse Shutters

Favorite Product: Eclipse Shutters

Favorite Feature: Timeless Look & Easy Maintenance

Chris DeBella

Vice President, Sales & Customer Experience

26 years with Custom Brands Group

Chris leads all sales within CBG. Starting as an inside sales representative, Chris has worked at various sales roles within the organization before advancing to our head of sales. Chris has continually demonstrated an affinity for powerful customer connections, seeking to deeply understand their business needs and then developing strong programs to help grow their sales and improve their profitability.

Dual Shades

Favorite Product: Dual Shades

Favorite Feature: Modern Style Light Control

Michael Discenna

Vice President, Product Manager

18 years with Custom Brands Group

Michael started his career with Custom Brands Group right out of college as an Area Sales Manager in Michigan. Throughout his time with CBG, he has worked in sales, marketing, and customer service, as well as on cross-functional projects within Hunter Douglas. Today, he focuses on the customer experience, which includes everything from product to service and satisfaction.

Natural Woven Shades

Favorite Product: Natural Woven Shades

Favorite Feature: A True Reflection of Nature

Gerald Jearman
Claire Nelson
Matt Todd
Carmen Singer

Gerald Jearman

Vice President, Operations

2 years with Custom Brands Group

30+ years industry experience

Gerald is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University. He started working in the window coverings industry while still in college. Over the years, he has developed deep experience in every window coverings category, leading teams in facilities throughout the U.S. and Mexico. Gerald has a passion for building nimble, high-performing teams that can flex with business demands.

Wood Blinds

Favorite Product: Wood Blinds

Favorite Feature: Traditional Light Control

Claire Nelson

Vice President, Marketing

7 years with Custom Brands Group

15 years industry experience

Early in Claire’s career, she spent more than five years in the window coverings industry. She branched out to help build successful marketing programs for many other home product related businesses, only to rejoin the industry and become a major marketing force at Custom Brands Group. She and her team provide our customers with the physical and digital tools they need to successfully market our products.

Window Shadings

Favorite Product: Window Shadings

Favorite Feature: Light Diffusing, Privacy, Soft Style, Light Control

Matt Todd

Vice President, Human Resources

10 years experience in HR

Matt brings over 10 years of experience in Human Resources to the CBG team. He is new to the window coverings industry, but he pulls from his background working at multiple Fortune 100 companies. Matt has worked across a variety of industries, including consumer products, oil & gas, aerospace, and automotive supply. Matt also spent 10 years as a high school educator, teaching Biology and Ecology in southern Oregon.

Roller Shades

Favorite Product: Roller Shades

Favorite Feature: Versatile Solutions for the Home

Carmen Singer

General Manager, Jacksonville, FL

41 years industry experience

As one of the original founders of Vista in 1980, Carmen served as the controller for many years, involved in all aspects of sales, marketing, and day-to-day operations. In 2007, Vista became part of the Hunter Douglas family and her role expanded to General Manager of Vista in 2015. She facilitated the Vista team’s integration with CBG, and she currently focuses on process improvements, production, and team member development.

Vertical Blinds

Favorite Product: Vertical Blinds

Favorite Feature: Affordable Light Control

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